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89.7FM Perth (WJRBA) always works to ensure your personal information is protected, stored and secured using best industry practice and is compliant with all relevant laws.

Please contact the office during Business Hours to arrange an appointment to discuss membership opportunities on 08 6244 3320

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Note: Printed/Scanned hand written Membership documents sent via email will not be accepted, please download printable membership form and submit to the office.

Full Member Agreement:

Please read prior to completing the form

I understand and agree to abide by the Policy on Procedures, Rules and Standards as stipulated by WJRBA and the
Community Radio Codes of Practice when performing duties for and on behalf of 89.7 FM, and that to perform on-air or associated duties such as writing, producing, and administrative support on behalf of 89.7 FM I must be a full financial member of the WJRBA, which will entitle me to member’s rights.

Further, I will uphold the responsibilities and obligations as determined in the WJRBA Constitution (Rules), the WJRBA Policies and Procedures, and associated broadcasting Acts and Codes of Practice.

I understand that my membership is subject to board approval and that the board can refuse my membership without reasons given, in which case my membership fee is refunded to me. The membership fee is due upon completion of orientation and acceptance of policies, procedures and must be renewed every year on your sign up anniversary.

I understand that under the constitution of WJRBA, as a full member I have to fulfill a role within the Association.
If I cease to be a member of WJRBA, I cannot claim a refund of membership. I further agree to NOT copy, sell or pass 89.7 FM intellectual property, including all publications, procedures, policies and other property, without written consent from the WJRBA Board.
I understand that failure to comply with the above may lead to expulsion from the WJRBA.

By Completing the below form you agree to the above member agreement. 

Once complete your form will be sent to our admin team to process your application, you will receive a call or email within 14 days. Should this not occur please contact our membership team via email admin@897FM.COM.AU

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